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Healing the Addicted Brain from Alcohol Abuse

Posted: January 14, 2015 by in Treatment Hope Recovery Program

Alcohol Abuse

Some people generally view drinking liquor as cheerful fun or a way to connect to others in a social setting. Drinking at dinner gatherings and fancy occasions can seem innocent, yet these are the ideal places for addicts to exploit the chance to abuse alcohol. When a relative or loved one is dependent on alcohol, treating the issue takes more than determination and will power. Addiction causes someone to develop what is known as an Addicted Brain that drives them to look for alcohol, and becomes more difficult to control as the abuse continues. The following are some of the characteristics and effects of alcohol addiction in the brain.

  • Addiction makes it more difficult for a person to manage social circumstances and everyday pressure.
  • The chemical dopamine in the brain is reduced by repeated alcohol abuse making it hard for your companion or loved one to stop.
  • Interacting or responding to unpleasant circumstances becomes more difficult.
  • Alcohol creates significant changes to the brains function

When the structure of the brain changes the way it previously worked, your loved one or friend’s behavior changes. This happens because the dopamine levels in the brain are brought down. Dopamine is the chemical responsible for the experience of delight and is involved in learning and memory. Thus, he or she creates an Addicted Brain. As the pursuit continues or after a long term use of alcohol, your loved one develops a higher tolerance for alcohol. Today medical experts recognize addiction as a chronic disease that deteriorates over time without treatment. Alcohol abuse is one of the leading causes of death. Your love one must get multi-faceted treatment to achieve long term sobriety. Such treatment should include:

  • Individual, group therapy, and family therapy
  • Healthy diet and lifestyle coaching
  • 12-step group, or anxiety management
  • Dual disorder treatments

Treatment for alcohol addiction trails behind other addiction since it is sometimes taken lightly by the individual abusing or their loved ones, yet treatment is still essential. Despite the fact that the brain changes, it can recover given enough time. It takes your loved one to be aware of the issue because if left untreated, they will just get worse. Starting a life of recovery from alcohol is a life or death choice. Which one will you pick?

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