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7 Truths about Detoxing From Drugs at Home

Posted: August 14, 2015 by in Treatment Hope Recovery Program

Entering into a detox program in drug recovery centers may be scary for you. But why detox on your own? There are many detox programs available to help make your detox and withdrawal process as comfortable and safe as possible. If you’re considering trying to detox on your own, read this information first.

These are the 7 things that drug recovery centers in California tell you about detoxing from drugs at home:

It Sucks

We’ll deepen this more as we go through the list, but all you need to know is that this will not be an easy job.

It is Dangerous

If you’re detoxing from benzos, barbiturates, and alcohol, the sets of withdrawal syndromes that accompany the cessation of these substances are possibly fatal in a number of ways. Tremors, anxiety, seizures, and cardiac arrest are common in drug detoxification such as these.

It’s Frightening

You will experience some withdrawal symptoms while detoxing from drugs at your home. But it depends on your drug of choice; your withdrawal symptoms can range from anxiety to insomnia to seizures and even coma and death. Even the more mild symptoms are still frightening to withstand. For example, anxiety is not a life-threatening illness, but the severity of it will probably be alarming.

It is Painful

This is an understatement. Perhaps the most perfect way to describe the pain is that its hell-on earth. Some people might say that those of us who have gone through it have been to hell and back.

It is Damn Near Impossible

It’s impossible to do, is one of the other things no one tells you about detoxing from drugs at home. As soon as things get rough and they will, the enticement to “get well” and start having calls to your supplier will certainly become too great to resist. It’s too cool to throw in the towel when the pain and distress really set in, as you’re detoxing from drugs at home. You’ll probably know who to call, or where to go to get what you need to make it stop.

It’s Depressing

If you think that you’re anxious and depressed in your active addiction, just get ready for that to kick into high gear when you detox at home. The feelings of depression and anxiety only increase as the substances leave your system, and it can become quite strong and even unbearable.

It Seldom Leads to Success Staying Sober

Well congratulations if you make it through the withdrawals without using any drugs to lessen the discomfort.  Kicking the habit cold turkey can leave you feeling so ill that you don’t even want to use. People can be in denial about their dependency on drugs and ignorant about what recovery require. Sometimes people believe that after detoxing they are completely cured and will never have further issue with drug use. This is not often the case. There is a big difference between abstaining from drug use and actually being in recovery from drug use. Do yourself a favor and take the right steps towards complete recovery.

If you’re looking for the best detox program in drug recovery centers in California, Treatment Hope Recovery Program can help you get rid of unwanted substances in your body. They provide round the clock supervision of the experienced addiction specialist and medical staff that will address your specific needs. They will ensure you that you are safe and comfortable to achieve long-term recovery.

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